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aggressive sk8 [16 Mar 2008|10:35am]

I have made a community for aggressive inline sk8rz.
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im selling a rare Element messenger bag if anyones interested.. [03 Mar 2008|11:47pm]


Click here for the ebay auction
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I'm a worried noob at skateboarding [26 Jan 2008|12:40pm]

I've only been skateboarding (well long-boarding) for about 3 weeks now, and well I have the basics down. Anyways, this morning when I was about to go out I looked at my board and noticed this
I just need to know if this "crack" is serious or not. I haven't been hard on the board at all, and it was expensive so if it is falling apart after only 3 weeks, gah,  I don't know what to do. Is there a way to have this fixed?
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i'm new [20 Jan 2008|05:19pm]

so i just thought i'd say hi :)
i'm gonna be getting new skates soon any recommendations?

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win money for your best tricks! [05 Dec 2007|10:33am]


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quadlines? [09 Mar 2007|07:23am]

Anyone here skating on quadlines?
Any feedback?

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bearings question [02 Mar 2007|11:40am]


I just got a pair of Chicago 405 skates (quads). They are the first pair of skates I have ever owned (aside from the inline skates I bought a few days earlier).
I tried them out yesterday on a basketball court in a nearby park (no rink open at the time).
I felt like I was skating in molasses, compared to speeds I found I was able to attain in the local rink on rented skates.
The skates have abec 5 bearings and, from what I can tell, pretty standard sized indoor wheels.
Could my perceived slowness be a matter of:
1. some adjustment needed in the bearings?
2. friction, the surface of the concrete bball court being somewhat rougher than a wood rink floor?
3. my failure to sacrifice a goat to the skating gods, or some other factor of which I am unaware?

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new here: really old guy with questions about inline skating [01 Mar 2007|07:38am]

I´m old, practically ancient (38), and hadn´t skated in 20 years until last week.
But my daughter was on vacation from school, and we were out shopping and saw some roller skates,
and she wanted them, and, being the doting father that I am, I bought them.
We went to a local rink where she spent the afternoon clinging to the rail.
I rented skates and, heh, what do you know...it´s like riding a bike after all.
In no time I was showing up teenagers on the rink!
We went back a few days later and my daughter came off the rail after a bit and was zipping around like nobody´s business....What fun!
So, I´ve ordered a pair of Chicago rink skates, which I am picking up at FedEx today (rental skates give blisters)
and also purchased a pair of inline skates for outdoor enjoyment, which I have already tried out.
I figure, my daughter loves skating, and I have many fond memories of skating as a child,
so, we´re making a new family hobby of it. Get´s me away from the office (I work at home translating documents, my own boss, make my own hours, and I make too many hours sometimes, and really need to get out of this chair and get some exercise and air. Can´t run, as I used to do, due to heel injury, but skating is low impact, so I can it). My wife is even interested in trying it out
(and she´s even more advanced in years than an I am...she´s really old...beautiful, but really old...4 years older than me).
Now, I did the usual quad-rink skating as a kid, tried ice-skating like twice, maybe three times, but this inline
thing is completely new to me.
The inline skates I bought have abec7 bearings and 72mm wheels, but, even still, it seems like a lot more
work, to me, to get up to speed and maintain. Also, can´t turn nearly as sharply or do other stuff I can do on quads...yet. Is it the skates (I never heared of abec7, only 1-5, before..they were rather, shall we say inexpensive)? Or is it the rough surface and hills and stuff?
The road I was on was not smooth, at all, nor flat...not exactly hilly, but with some significant grades...
Or is it just that I´m too old? (I have no trouble zipping around the rink, but, hey, that´s a smooth surface
and flat, no hills, etc.)
Also, I noticed that I was wearing the inside of the right wheels, and the middle of the left, and feeling more pressure on the inside of the left boot. I started to think the plates were misaligned to my feet, but when I took the skates off, they appeared to be on straight. Is this normal? I suppose from skating on the margins of the road maybe? Or am I doing something wrong...remember, I am more accustomed to quads. It was my first time on inlines (didn´t fall once!).

Also, anyone in CT with recommendations on where to skate?
I found Long Beach rink in Stratford (we livein Bridgeport), and we also intend to try out the rink in Monroe, but, I am also interested in finding good places to skate outdoors with the inlines.
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pennsylvania skaters! [12 Jul 2006|02:33pm]

anyone skating in pa have you been to imperials new chunk of concrete heaven
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For those in the LA area... [23 Jun 2006|05:30pm]

There's a very cool event Sunday night in Santa Monica. Project Nightlight & eXtreme Giving are presenting a charity event to help victims of child abuse featuring extreme sports, music, film and fashion.

Click here to view the myspace invitation with flyer and info!

It should be fantastic, and it's a great cause...so stop by if you can!
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Local Skate Shop Support [20 May 2006|08:55am]

I figure I'd show some support for my newest local skate shop, Embasi. If you're in the White River Jct Vermont/ Lebanon New Hampshire area anytime check out: 


xposted all over
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Light Setup [19 May 2006|10:48am]

anyone know of good light boards that have good pop in the 7.3 range? and light trucks too. Good light boards for chix who want speed are hard to find.
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endurance? cross-training? [20 Feb 2006|12:01am]

My body is squishy (but lovable), my lungs and heart operate sub-optimally, and my endurance is basically crap.

I mostly don't care, except that skate season is coming up, I'm terribly busy, and I want to forgo the horrific first month or three of crappalicious skating brought on by the fact that I can't breathe.

I should note that I suffer all of the above because with the exception of skating and shaking my body on a strobe-lit dance floor with sweat and pounding bass all around, I am incredibly lethargic and avoid movement and strenuous activity of any kind. Will sweat for euphoria . . . otherwise, I fail to see why I'd work out. :P

So, my questions:

1. What wonderful ways do you cross-train, stay active through the winter, or otherwise physically prepare for skating?
2. Does anyone know of an aerobic activity that uses actual skating muscles, sans skates? I do not. Those inner-thigh, butt, and other skate muscles seem fairly unique to skating. (This is of secondary importance, as I find that the muscles I require build themselves quickly, but I was curious. It's the cardiovascular endurance that just kills me.)
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Passion of the Sams [10 Feb 2006|10:11am]


Passion of the Sams - 10 minutes

You'll notice this film is in the vein of Jackass, CKY and skating vids in general. In my opinion the editing job was on point and it all flowed together well. The rollerblading is sporadic throughout. There's some fuckin' awesome stuff in there.
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Looks like this community could use a little perking up. [07 Jan 2006|05:08pm]

I am an in-line skater. I have a pair of rollerblade kitalpha 312w's that are beaten but loved, and a shiny new pair of aero 9's that hurt like hell but they're incredibly smooth and fast.

I used to have a skate buddy that did marathons . . . we skated half-marathons together a few times a week and it was fun.

I am now without a skate buddy.

I am always willing to teach in-line skating, to go skating with someone locally when I have the time, to talk about skating, and to buy good cheap skates when I have money.

I hope you all are having nice days thinking about warmer weather to come. I envy those of you who don't have to wait.
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skates for sale! [31 Dec 2005|04:27pm]

hi guys... I've got soem kick ass old skool skates for sale... a pair of size 12 uk ~(size 11 us) roller blade canvas, pretty damn good condition for like 8 year old inlines... I'm just lookin to see if anyone would be interested! make me an offer.......and........ does any body know any other inline communities? agressive skating etc....rite, i gotta roll, check yall later
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hiyas [10 Oct 2005|12:15pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I'm new to this community, but not new to quad.. er jamskating :)

I've been rollerskating since I was about 5, and now I'm 22. Damn where DOES the time go? Sadly I took a 5 year hiatus because I shattered my knee whilst doing the splits under a limbo bar. Now I'm relearning everything and damnit its a pain in the arse. I currently skate on some custom made 395's in Caribbean Blue with a shearling tongue (uber comfortable), white sunlite plates, green Radar Speed Rays and BSB Swiss bearings which are STILL going after 7 years! And I have a typical Carrera set up, but with orange Witch Doctor Wheels and Bones Redz bearings. I use the Carreras for practicing outside so I don't mess up the pretty skates.

So uhmm heh, I also do alot of artwork as in sculpture and drawing. SO ah.. don't hesitate to bother me on AIM or Yahoo :)
And yes I blade too :-P


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[13 Sep 2005|03:33pm]

Hi!, i've been skating off an on now for 6 years, just recently, i started to get back into skating, i found a local skate park, with some cool kids to skate with, i just joined this community today, uhm, im lookin to buy some new blades, i dont know if theres any bladers in here, but i was lookin for some info on is there any new good skates or whatever out there? thanks -justin
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hope this is allowed [11 Sep 2005|07:49pm]

delete this if it isnt...

join~ We need people.

newbie! [09 Jul 2005|11:20am]

[ mood | excited ]

well, i'm new to the community, but my bf is new to rollerblading altogether. i'm an amateour rollerblader (but i have atleast done it before). we're gonna go to central park in nyc in a few minutes to watch him "one two step" all over. i hope you all have a nice saturday, and if you happen to see a 5'2" annoyed little hispanic woman yelling at 5'6" of japanese muscle laugh your heart out ^.^

edit: i don't want to hear people's prejudice against what type of sport i like on wheels. like this guy here.

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